"I would like to thank Jean and the DGP team for providing Sunview great quality product to support our returnable packaging solutions. I personally am proud to have worked with DGP team and also to share the joy of presenting the returnable racks flowing through our AS/RS system to Sunview customers.

Sunview patio doors ltd is one of the largest exclusive patio doors manufacturer in north America and as a part of our continuous improvement project, in order to prevent damages and deliver quality product to the customers, I designed the returnable racks and sent it to some fabricators in Canada as well as outside of Canada for prototype testing. But, upon receiving the prototype, I observed numerous defects in fabrication and the overall quality of product was way below my expectations.

Diversco Global Packaging has supported us throughout the journey of developing returnable packaging solution with their expertise in design, manufacturing and understanding customer’s packaging needs. Not only Sunview, but our customers also commend these returnable racks, which prevents a lot of hassle in handling the patio doors. We have used these racks for more than a year and haven’t had a single quality issue or a complaint from our customers. I appreciate the exceptional support and quality of product delivered by Diversco Global Packaging. It was an honour working with DGP team and I would highly recommend Diversco Global Packaging for returnable packaging solutions."

Maunik Patel, M.Eng.
Process Engineer
Sunview Patio Doors Ltd.

"I just want to thank you and the whole Diversco team for helping us out with all of our needs here at Tenneco Automotive in Owen Sound. You have shown us nothing but exceptional support with your fast response time and high level of quality products from small cardboard items to major custom designed racks and bins. Each and every member we have worked with at Diversco has been a pleasure to work with and have gotten back to us promptly and diligently for every business need. Tenneco is very happy to have such a benchmark supplier working with us to ensure we support our major end customers GM, Ford and Chrysler.

We look forward to doing business with you many more times in the future."

Matt Brown,
Materials Area Leader
Tenneco Automotive

"Ampacet depends upon Diversco Global Packaging for all of our packaging needs. They provide us with complex triple wall, double wall laminated packs. They set up boxes to ship our resins to our customers and they always ensure to have enough inventories on hand to supply our needs; even when our customer's expectations change. From ownership to our customer service representatives, we are very pleased with the on-going relationship we have developed between our organizations and we look forward to long and mutually beneficial relationship."

Junior Rowsell,
Traffic & Purchasing Mgr.
Ampacet Canada Company

"We rely on DGP for our individual packaging needs. Their warehousing and JIT service insures we have our packaging as needed and on-time, every time. I would recommend DGP to any organization looking for a value add packaging supplier."

Jacques Nadeau,
General Manager
SRC (a Pavaco Group Company)

"Changing your supply base never comes without risk to your company and your customers. We have dealt with reputable packaging suppliers in the past, but price and delivery was an issue.

Diversco Global Packaging was able to assume all of our packaging requirements for both corrugated and wood pallets at a savings. Not only that, but your people were able to streamline our packaging requirements. Taking eight separate boxes and finding a solution where just two would meet our needs. Saving us floor space. Simplifying our process, and lowering inventory. Plus, only having to deal with one supplier for all.

Since changing to Diversco last summer, we have not had any quality or delivery concerns. Just wanted to pass along some feedback, please share it with your team."

David S. Inman
Director Manufacturing Operations
CS Automotive


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