DGP has invested in design, sales, and manufacturing expertise across multiple technologies: corrugated, wood, steel, foam and plastic to reduce your need and dependence on multiple suppliers. Our market offerings are designed to simplify your buying decision while driving cost out of your system.

Graphic & Structural Design Services

Artios and Solid Works CAD Design Capabilities/3D Concepts/Prototypes and Sample Production.


Packaging Analysis

Ensuring you’re getting what you pay for and the packs are capable of performance and function.


Warehousing & Distribution

We’ll manage your packaging needs and inventory utilizing our facilities and transportation fleet freeing up valuable manufacturing space.


jit/ Vendor managed inventory/ stock & release

We can design a system to meet your needs to ensure there will never be a stock out or risk to your production due to packaging.


Pick & Pack/Kitting

We are capable of breaking down skid quantities or WIP bins and re-packing and shipping in whole or partial quantities.


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